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Shays Dam Falls, Falls drop 15 feet into the Turtle River. Mercer, WI

Claire d’Loon was unveiled in May, 1981, and she has stood outside of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce building ever since. She weighs 2,000 pounds, stands 16 feet tall, and lends credibility to the town’s claim as the “Loon Capital.” Mercer,WI.


Lake of the Falls, Mercer, WI

Lake of the Falls

Black River Harbor. Known for its spectacular waterfalls, idyllic beaches, scenic hiking trails and tranquil campground, the Black River Harblor Recreation Area is a popular destination throughout the year. Originating in Wisconsin, the Black River flows through forested areas of large pine, hemlock and hardwood trees. The River has a series of scenic waterfalls as it drops in elevation to meet Lake Superior. Ironwood, MI

Black River Harbor Panoramic Ice in may


Rainbow Falls is the northernmost waterfall on the Black River, less than one mile (1.6 km) from Lake Superior. It is also the highest. Here, the water drops 45 feet (14 m) down into a rocky gorge. The waterfall creates much mist, which, on sunny days, creates a constant rainbowIronwood, MI

Sandstone Falls & Gorge Falls Gorge Falls, the Black River constricts to about seven feet (2.1 m) across and drops 20 feet (6.1 m) into a steep gorge, creating masses of foam as the water falls against the rocks below. Sandstone Falls drops a total of 25 feet (7.6 m) in two sections, a five-foot (1.5 m) initial drop (pictured) and a 20-foot (6.1 m) second drop. Sandstone Falls is named for the sandstone rocks along the riverbed that the river has cut channels through. Ironwood, MI

MT. Zion Gogebic Community College is proud to own the Mount Zion Ski Area in Ironwood, MI.  Zion has 9 slopes and trails with a 1400 feet of elevation, with the longest trail running 3960 ft.

Mt Zion Panoramic

Superior Falls is a waterfall situated on the Montreal River, which forms the border between Iron County, Wisconsin and Gogebic County, Michigan. The falls drop 90 feet before the Montreal River empties into Lake Superior at Oronto Bay.

Lake Superior Panoramic at Superior Falls.


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